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Golf Balls: What Type Should You Buy?

02/14/2018 11:07 AM | Patrina King (Administrator)

Have you ever walked into your local golf store to get some golf balls? At first, it may seem like the easiest task at hand as you walk from your car, through the parking lot, and into the store. You’re just there to pick up some good old golf balls for your game later. You pass a nice looking golf shirt, some golf shoes, and then you see them. The shelves… upon shelves… upon shelves of golf balls that seem to stare blankly at you. They all seem to be screaming at the same time: Long distance, more spin, more control, hi-spin, raw distance fusion. “Raw distance fusion?” you ask yourself.

Ok, time out! It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. No, the golf ball world does not want to make you have a panic attack before you even get out on the green! But, it is no question that buying golf balls, even for some experienced golfers, can be a tad bit confusing. Let’s take a closer look at the basic types of golf balls on the market today and perhaps this will help you in your next endeavor into the store!

Golf Galaxy provides an easy way to learn more and shop for golf balls right from your computer. Check out some of their recommendations on buying golf balls:

To choose the best golf ball, think about the areas of your game where a slight improvement could lead to lower scores. Skilled golfers may want to focus on finesse shots around the green. Better pitches and chips could be the key to consistently breaking 80. What type of shot do you tend to hit when you’re 40 yards out? If you like to stop the ball on a dime, a high-spin, multi-piece ball will give you the added control you crave. But, if you prefer to roll the ball at the pin with a chip-and-run, spin will be slightly less important.

If you are a beginner or high-handicapper, your primary concern is probably hitting the ball straight. Low-spin, distance golf balls are designed to reduce the sidespin that exaggerates slices and hooks, and they can help produce longer, straighter drives. Because you’re still learning control around the green, a low-spin ball will serve you just fine.


Professionals and frequent golfers benefit from the additional layers found on Tour balls – they generate low spin off the driver for longer distance and higher spin on approach shots for shot-stopping and shaping control. The softer cover material, urethane, provides the enhanced feel and highest greenside spin for more challenging shots.


Performance golf balls offer many of the features found in Tour balls, but they are better suited for players with moderate swing speeds. The mantle layer helps regulate spin rate off the tee without sacrificing stopping power around the green. These golf balls are great all-around performers that you can trust to meet your needs.


Soft feel is often synonymous with low compression. Low compression allows for more deformation at impact, reducing spin and translating to straighter, longer flight on low-lofted clubs. The prolonged contact on short irons and wedges results in softer feel.


Two-piece golf balls are also known as distance balls. Featuring a firmer cover, distance golf balls resist cuts on both poor strikes and contact with harder surfaces. The larger center core supports maximum distance while minimizing spin and movement.


Women’s golf balls typically feature a two-piece construction made for slower swing speeds, providing added distance, durability and control. If you are a beginner, recreational player or have a slower swing speed, consider these golf balls.


High-visibility golf balls provide bold style and superior visibility on the course. Popular solid colors include yellow, orange, pink and green. Options like Truvis from Callaway® offer a multi-colored pattern designed specifically to maximize your view of the ball for better focus and visibility.

Once you find the golf ball that is right for you, the only thing you will have to get nervous about is whether or not you should buy one case or two of them!

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