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The Business Golfer Pre-Certification™

The Business Golfer Pre-Certification™ can be taken online anywhere in the world! (Check our Events page for dates)

This is an online training course with an assessment that will get you introduced to the world of golf and ready to become a Certified Business Golfer™! 

Upon completing the Pre-Certification, you will be given a certificate and the ability to add the Business Golfer Pre-Certification™ to your LinkedIn, Website, Business Card, wherever you like to. 

The Pre-Certification covers:

  • Rules (Mandatory)
  • Etiquette (Mandatory)
  • Assessment after training (Mandatory)
  • Official Certificate of Completion 
  • Additional courses in the Pre-League Online Series included.
Cost$99 Summer Special $49
Ready to get started?

Introducing the $5 Pre-League Live-Online Workshop Series!

                          NO MORE EXCUSES

 Time, money, family, errands, conflicts... we have heard it all.

 Yes, a round of golf can be time consuming and expensive.

 Finding the time and room in the budget to start learning how to play golf can be even MORE   time consuming and considered expensive because it hasn't been a part of your already   structured routines.

 HOWEVER... it's all about priorities.

 This Pre-League Live-Online Workshop Series was designed with the golf-curious, busy   professional in mind. The professional who is not sure if they want to invest their time and   money in golf yet.

This series of workshops will help break down some of those intimidation barriers that may have hindered you from giving golf a try. They will also debunk some of the myths you may have heard about playing golf.

These educational, yet fun, interactive workshops will allow you to make the decision on whether business golf is for you or not.

All workshops are $5 each and will be recorded and available for playback if you cannot make a live training. 

The topics include
•How to get invited back when you are not that good of a player 
•Golf course layout 
•Golf Clubs (where to shop and when to use what club)
•How to enter tournaments 
•The 19th Hole

These workshops are complimentary for current Certified and Pre-Certified Business Golfers™. (Certified Golfers register by sending an email to patrinagolfs@gmail.com)



Learn to play golf for business or social in as little as 3 days!

 No experience or golf clubs required. Show up clueless, leave confident!

 This 3-Day Weekend Intensive will be filled with golf education and FUN!.

 You get:
 Indoor and Outdoor training sessions
 Lunch & Dinner included (Friday & Saturday. Lunch only on Sunday)
 On-course training and play 
 Certification assessment to become a fully Certified Business Golfer.


 Q: What is the registration fee and what is included?
 A: ALL inclusive of details provide above. 

 Q: Will everyone be staying overnight?

 A: No. These intensives do not require overnight accommodations. However, there are hotels   available in the area if you prefer to stay overnight.     

 Q: What is the attire for the training?

 A: A detailed description will be provided upon registration. However, khaki pants, polo shirt,   socks, sneakers, and belt will be needed for the 3 days.

What is the Business Golfer Certification?
Designed for Women in Business and Women Executives who are interested in playing golf for business, the Business Golfer Certification is like having a key to open doors you never knew existed. Becoming certified will:
  • Help earn credibility and respect as a Business Woman and Golfer.
  • Create more opportunities to meet potential clients and partners.
  • Prove your willingness to invest in your own development.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to higher level networking.
  • Improve your golf knowledge and interpersonal skills.

VIP Days (Starting at $49)

In need of some individual attention or special services?
  • Shopping for Golf Clubs, Golf Accessories & Attire (Starting at $49)
  • Golf & Learn (Up to 9-holes Playing Lessons) (Starting at $59)
  • On-Course Rules & Etiquette Training (Starting at $49)
  • Golf Tournament Planning (Call for a quote)
  • Golf Tournament Volunteer Training (Call for a quote)

**There are no location restrictions. Contact us for more details on how to create a VIP experience just for you!**

Business Golf Blueprint 

 The Business Golf Blueprint is the ultimate 6-month Mentoring Program that will assist you in becoming a TRUE Business Golfer. I use a Discovery format along with weekly meetings/calls to ensure effectiveness. Each of these components will keep you on track and focused on becoming a confident Business Golfer. The Business Golf Blueprint will give you the direction, accountability and focus needed to be successful.

Mastermind Members will also receive: 

Business Golfer Certification™ (Classroom & On-Course Golf Training)
Full set of new golf clubs
Golf shoe bag, Golf balls, Golf Tees, Golf glove, ball marker, and divot tool
Polo shirt 

Open to individuals who live in OR are willing to travel to Atlanta, GA or Washington, DC 3 times within the 6 months.


Opens August 2018

"In order to be successful in Business Golf, you have to plan to do more than just take golf lessons."  - Patrina King

At Golf Women Mean Business, we  focus on making our members complete Business Golfers. This means ensuring our members are properly trained in golf and constantly strengthening their business acumen. 

Golf Women Mean Business, 3355 Lenox Road Ste 750 Atlanta, GA 30326

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