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All of our Workshops are designed for Business Resource Groups, Affinity Groups, Department Teams and Employees. They all provide an introduction to the vocabulary, rules, and etiquette of golf. However, some workshops are more detailed than others. 

The workshops are facilitated in one of your corporation's conference room, a local golf course, or an offsite venue of your choice. You employees will be educated on "business golf" and given the opportunity to identify their personal barriers and have a discussion around them. There are golf activities at the end of each workshop for both indoor and outdoor options.

What is "Business Golf"? 

Business golf is golf played for social purposes in a business setting. In our case, the business setting is the golf course. Our workshops are focused on getting the women in your organization to play in corporate golf tournaments and other golf outings with a fundraiser component. 


120 minutes. 


4 hours. 


6 hours. 


4 sessions of 2 hours each.

Number of participants: Up to 50 per workshop; additional workshop may be added to accommodate extra participants.

PRICING: Please contact us for a price estimate. We'd be happy to chat and send you a proposal. 


Golf Women Mean Business, 760 Old Roswell Road, Ste 408 Roswell, GA 30076 

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