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Simply put, it's for HER.

Let's be honest, there are well over 35,000 items on websites and in stores to choose from with the majority of those items being for men. Busy women like yourself don't have the time to search through it all just to find a few overpriced pink items. Also, as a member of the GWMB Community, you may not know what to search for just yet. But, you do know you want to look good and be well equipped when you finally touch down at the golf course.

The Golf Box for Her provides the ultimate convenience for you with all of our expertise in playing golf for business. It's a natural part of what we do. You simply pay a quarterly or yearly fee and we send you golf apparel, accessories, and ideas to help you be successful on the golf course. 

We are experts in this #golflife. So let us save you time, money, and help you feel confident on the golf course. 



Pre-Order your box today for the August shipment!

We will get to know more about you in the next steps. 

Still have questions? 


Q: What is the ideal age for the GWMB "Golf Boxes"?

A: Our boxes are ideal for women and girls starting at the age of 12

Q: What's included in the "Golf Boxes"?

A: Every quarter, you can expect to receive various combinations of golf accessories, apparel, etc chosen by our experienced shoppers.  

Q: What is your refund/exchange policy?

A: If we make an error packing your Box, we will correct  the mistake in the form of an exchange and free of charge to you. 

There are no refunds for Boxes unwanted by you.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Quarterly Subscriptions can be canceled at any time by emailing us at pk@golfwomenmeanbusiness.com. If the cancellation request is received after you have already been billed for that quarter’s box, your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle. 

Yearly Subscriptions can only be canceled within the first quarter. After the first quarter, you can cancel your yearly renewal by emailing us at pk@golfwomenmeanbusiness.com. 

Golf Women Mean Business, 760 Old Roswell Road, Ste 408 Roswell, GA 30076 

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