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Golf Women Mean Business is not only an educational resource for business women, we also utilize our 20+ years of experience in Golf, Human Resources, and Communications to partner with innovative golf organizations across the United States – from small public operations to large privately held country clubs– to design diversity and inclusion strategies that help golf course owners and staff move the needle on diversity and inclusion further and faster.

How are you attracting & Retaining your employees and customers?

The Golf Women Mean Business helps Club leaders through:

During the Data Collection stage, we identify barriers and strengths. 

During the Advising stage, we develop and implement effective communication strategies. 

During the Training stage, we train on strategies to cultivate an environment where leaders and staff will learn to see people as people. 

Sample Workshops are: 

  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Resisting categorization
  • Understanding the effects of "going with your gut"
  • Many more 

Our trainings are action-oriented and based on data research. 

Want to learn more about how our company can help your organization create a specific strategy 

to reach your diversity and inclusion goals?

Email us by clicking the button below: 


Call us at: 678-861-4183

Golf Women Mean Business, 3355 Lenox Road Ste 750 Atlanta, GA 30326

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