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05/01/2017 8:44 PM | Patrina King (Administrator)

If you have a thorough knowledge of the rules, you will always have an advantage over players who do not.
Keep in mind that the rule book is not just to impose penalties; it is also to outline the rights of players.
Here are a few rules to remember in Business Golf:
*Unplayable Lies: You decide if your ball is unplayable and worth the one-stroke penalty that allows you to drop within 2 club lengths on either side or back as far as you like on the flight line.
As long as the ball isn’t closer to the hole.  You may also return to the original play position with a stroke and distance penalty.
*Casual water or Ground Under Repair:  If your ball lands in either casual water or a ground under repair area OR if you are required to stand in either of these areas, you are allowed to drop at the nearest point that is not nearer the hole with no penalty. However, for the Ground Under Repair rule, there is a certain drop area is provided.
*You are entitled to relief from artificial obstructions. 
*You do not have to play with a damaged ball. 
*There is no penalty for playing out of turn.
 *The maximum number of clubs is 14. 
*There is no penalty for hitting a flagstick as long as the ball was played off the green. If you are on the green, the stick must be attended or removed. 
*You should always repair ball marks on the green. Repair your mark plus one more.
These are only some of the rules you need to be familiar with, you can always keep a copy of the rules in your golf bag. To download and a print a version of the rules, click HERE .
If some of this terminology is unfamiliar to you, make sure you keep an eye out for our online training. That way, you can at least start some golf conversations. :-)  

Have a fantastic week!

Patrina King
Founder & CEO, Golf Women Mean Business

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