Each of these Pillars is of equal value, and even though at any particular moment you may be focused on one of these Pillars, they all must be built in order to get the most out of your members and develop as a Business Golfer.

By focusing on these three pillars and ensuring you have stability in each area, you can build a solid sense of “belonging” and operate in unfamiliar territories with confidence.

The opportunity to connect with other professionals looking to grow their business, develop personally and/or professionally, and network on a higher level are in our Membership Levels.


Review our Membership Levels & Benefits below: 



Q: Are men restricted to joining only the “Friends” level? 

A: No. Men can join at any level available.

Q: How do you maintain a non-intimidating environment with men as members?

A: The men that become members of our organization are supporters of women golfers. They encourage the diversity on the golf course. Some of the men are just as inexperienced as our new women. Although they are now able to join us as members, the golf training will be gender-specific. Meaning the men are invited to attend our training events, but will learn/train separately from the women.

Q: Does the membership fee cover the 3-day Intensive and the Business Golfer Certification? 

A: Yes for the Gold and Diamond levels. The membership fee for the Friends of GWMB covers the Certification’s Assessment for experienced golfers, but not the 3-Day Intensive.

Q: I am an experienced female golfer and I don’t need the 3-Day Intensive. How can I join?

A: You can join at the Friends of GWMB level.

Q: How do I schedule my Assessment for the Certification? 

A: Once you become a member, one of our team members will be in touch with you to schedule your assessment and answer any additional questions you may have.

Q: What if I am not able to make any of the scheduled 3-Day Intensives?

A: We all get busy, therefore we offer 3 difference Intensives at 3 different times of the year. If you are unable to make the scheduled dates and need personalized training, there will be an additional fee to complete the Certification.

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All Membership Sales Final
GWMB delivers its services immediately upon the membership sale. At that time, GWMB pays to enroll you in its third-party programs, to complete and manage your profile, and for each of your tier-specific benefits. All of GWMB’s membership sales are considered final and fully-consummated at the time of the sale and you have agreed that GWMB may collect all outstanding dues by charging the credit card provided at the time of original sale. As such, there are no refunds unless required by application of law operating independent from these Terms & Conditions.

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