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We are not a competition golf league as competition golf is not the focus for this group. We are a network of accomplished women using golf as a tool for establishing strategic partnerships and business building. However, we do offer separate competitive play events for the more experienced business golfer.

Golf Women Mean Business (GWMB) is membership-based and serves as an innovative model to inspire entrepreneurs and career professionals to “play outside the box” when it comes to the sport of golf. We are currently in Atlanta, GA & the DMV.

How are we different?

We strengthen business acumen through business training and create an environment for vetted networking. We also marry business & golf in order to create confidence for women in a male-dominated sport.

For professionals who are interested in “playing outside the box” we:

□ Provide speaking, consulting, network training, educational training, and onsite “clinics” to develop a solid foundation and understanding of the sport.

□ Provide the ultimate experience of learning and embracing the game of golf and applying its principles to achieve more in business and careers.

□ Break the barriers of professionals who are intimidated in the world of golf.

□ Bring exposure to professionals who have ever had an interest in golf.

□ Empower professionals to expect more, do more and achieve more.

□ Introduce and create a fun, purposeful, and bold lifestyle for professionals!


You can expect to:


Don’t just agree with the phrase “Business deals are done on the Golf Course.” Really engage yourself. We offer various opportunities to start engaging yourself in this wonderful sport. You can take advantage of many of our opportunities from the comfort of your own home.


Golf is a well-known sport, but many business people lack the knowledge on how to get started.  We offer golf lessons for individuals, groups of friends, Corporate- Affinity groups, etc.  We also offer business training for individuals that may want to strengthen their business acumen simultaneously.


Join us to grow your professional network and to connect with like-minded professionals that will help you reach your personal, golf and business goals.







Patrina King, Business Golf Educator/ Founder & CEO of Golf Women Mean Business

Patrina King is a dedicated Human Resource professional, Entrepreneur, Youth Advocate and Founder of Golf Women Mean Business, LLC. In the field of human resources, her forte is background checks and career development. Patrina understands that being successful is not always a straight process. She decided against choosing any of the 36 opportunities to play collegiate golf and attend college without any extracurricular activities in order to focus on getting her career started. Patrina’s excellence in business goes hand in hand with her fondness for philanthropy and charitable causes. She is the previous owner and operator of a pre-employment screening company that was headquartered in Metro Atlanta, GA. She used her knowledge from her business to educate youth and young adults on how their actions (sexting, online social media, school fights, drug and alcohol use, theft, etc) will affect future jobs and college applications.

Patrina is a current member of the Women’s Solidarity Society, a society within The National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Her past affiliation with various organizations and events such as SHRM-Atlanta, United Way VIP, Executive Women’s Golf Association, the National Black MBA Association, and an Interview Expert for Women For Hire, has endowed her with unparalleled expertise and experience. Patrina studied Technical Management with a concentration in Human Resources at DeVry University and Human Resources at Keller Graduate School of Management. Patrina has been recognized by the Habitat for Humanity for her assistance in building two houses from the years 2014 & 2015. She was also recognized by the City of Atlanta with a Proclamation and was honored by the Atlanta Women in Sports organization.

Along with her interest in women’s rights, Patrina has developed a great passion for educating professional women on how to use golf for business. Today, her life and career reflect that passion with informative and down-to-earth training through Golf Women Mean Business. Patrina has been featured on various television and blog talk radio shows. However, the epitome of Patrina’s efforts to educate professionals come in her workshops and speeches which aim to “humanize” golf for those who are hesitant to give the sport a try.

Patrina’s current home is in the Metro Atlanta Georgia area with her husband. She has been serving with the Mayor’s Youth Program of Atlanta since 2007, providing Atlanta public high school seniors training on workforce readiness and job interview skills. She allots time in her activities for events with 21st Century Leaders, Junior Achievement, and various other high school groups. In spare time not filled with work, volunteerism, or friends and family, she divulges her love of athletics (softball, golf, and football) through sports watch parties and playing rounds of business golf.

Patrina believes the best way to serve the people is by taking an informative and realistic approach to everyday activities and issues.



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