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"Women’s Golf Day in Georgia" & "Fulton's Women's Golf Day"

June 6, 2017 is recognized as Women’s Golf Day in Georgia and June 7th is recognized as Fulton's Women's Golf Day!

Come Celebrate with us!


What is Women’s Golf Day in Georgia & Fulton's Women's Golf Day all about?

Women's Golf Day in Georgia: 

Women’s Golf Day in Georgia is about golf education companies, club managers, teaching professionals, and amateur associations in Georgia work together to promote the game of golf by enhancing access to golf and raise public understanding and appreciation of women’s contributions to the state’s business and golf communities.

There will be various ways to get involved with this amazing milestone and/or to show your support for this Day.

If nothing else, you should plan to be at the Georgia State Capitol on June 6, 2017 to meet other women golfers from around Georgia and for a photo with the Governor. The time will be announced closer to the date. However, it will be in the morning.

Other activities planned can be found on the "Events" page.

Fulton's Women's Golf Day: 

In collaboration with the Founder of our sister organization, Golf Gals, GWMB & Golf Gals advocated for Fulton's Women's Golf Day. This day is about celebrating and appreciating the women and young female golfers who reside in Fulton County and contribute to the county's business and golf communities.

Golf Women Mean Business, 3355 Lenox Road Ste 750 Atlanta, GA 30326

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